Terms & Conditions

Thank you for making the purchase from ESRA (“Seller”) and by virtue of making this purchase herein, you (“User”) agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) set out below.

1. You acknowledge that Esra is a platform that showcases the skills of various artisans of India and is involved in researching, procuring and investing in curated merchandise manufactured by the artisans, for sale and as such is not involved in manufacturing of the merchandise, as a result, ESRA has no control over the quality, the truth or accuracy, authenticity, reliability of manufacturer’s claim in relation to the merchandise.

2. All products exhibited on Esra’s web and mobile platforms are on an “as is” and “as available” basis. Images of merchandise are for and by reference only and actual merchandise may vary from the corresponding image exhibited. Esra disclaims any liabilities arising out of any discrepancies to this end and to the full extent permissible by applicable law, ESRA disclaims all warranties, express or implied, oral or written, as to the fabric, weight, color, handwork details, embellishments, size, etc of the merchandise, as the case may be, including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The User expressly agrees that he/she has made the purchase upon his/her complete satisfaction and good judgement so as to the authenticity of the work, durability, colour, quality, fabric, work, design, stitch, size, completeness, reliability of the manufacturer’s claim.

3. While every effort has been taken to ensure that the merchandise is authentic and represents the manufacturer’s claim, however, ESRA does not warrant that descriptions of the merchandise is accurate, complete, reliable, or error-free.

Shipping & Delivery Policy

1. All Products purchased from the Esra’s web platforms shall be delivered to the User by standard courier services through a logistics partner. All deliveries where applicable shall be made on a best efforts basis, and while Esra will endeavor to deliver the Products on the dates intimated, Esra disclaims any claims or liabilities arising from any delay in this regard.

2. Esra shall not be responsible for any delay in the delivery of the merchandise. Esra shall not be liable for any damage to the merchandise in transit due to mishandling by the logistics partner.

3. The logistics partner supported by Esra will make a maximum of three attempts to deliver your order. In case the User is not reachable or does not accept delivery of merchandise in these attempts the order may be cancelled at the option of Esra.

4. An estimated delivery time shall be displayed on the order summary page. On placing your order, you will receive an email containing a summary of the order and also the estimated delivery time to your location

5. Sometimes, delivery may take longer due to inter alia:
  • bad weather
  • flight delays
  • political disruptions
  • other unforeseen circumstances

6. In the event any delay in delivery of a merchandise is expected, Esra may, at its sole discretion, intimate the User who may have purchased the same, regarding such delay.

7. Where there is a likelihood of delay in delivery of the Products, the User may be notified of the same from time to time. However, no refunds may be claimed by the User for any delay in delivery of the merchandise, which was caused due to reasons beyond the control of the Website and/or the Seller.

Colour and Description Disclaimer

The details of the products or product specifications like fabric, weight, color, handwork details, size, etc. mentioned with the product displays are merely approximate values and are indicative. While we have attempted to accurately reproduce colors, there still may be minor variations in color of the actual product because of a variety of reasons such as the nature of fabric dyes, weather at the time of dying and differences in display output due to lighting and digital photography and color settings and capabilities of monitors.

The buyers must place their order(s) after factoring in this minor variation in color as seen on a computer screen against the actual color of the merchandise received. We believe that all the buyers who order online are aware that colors seen on a monitor will be slightly different as compared to the actual merchandise ordered. It is practically impossible for www.esra.net.in to replicate the same colors on a merchandise as seen on the buyers’ monitor. A variation in the shade selected by the buyer is considered as a normal practice as these garments have a tendency to reflect different shades of a color under different light and weather, type of camera used for photography or type and settings on the computer monitor. Every buyer who chooses to place an order with www.esra.net.in shall be deemed to have accepted this color and description disclaimer and will not seek a return or refund on account of variation in color and description.

While ordering on internet, we suggest that buyers should be extra careful of following -

1. Red, maroon and orange colors have a higher tendency to reflect a different shade than other colors.
2. Many a time’s green and blue shades also overlap. Same is the case with off-white, white and cream colors.
3. Sea Green color sometimes looks Aqua blue and the other way around.
4. Some fabrics like raw silk, khadi silk, cotton silk, brocade etc have a textured effect where we can see the weaving and threads are visible in different directions which is an inherent characteristic or feature of that fabric and proof of its authenticity. These are not defects. This raw finish is the beauty of these fabrics.
5. Handcrafted, hand dyed, hand printed, hand painted, hand embroidered, handloom, hand weaved products will always have minor differences when we compare them as they are not made by machines. Each piece will be unique. Handicraft artisans always try their best to make each piece better than the previous one. So, the product will always have minor variation keeping the same theme constant in artistic manner. The raw finish of the handicrafts cannot be compared with machine finished products as this raw finish is the beauty of the handloom.
www.esra.net.in reserve right to time modify the Terms & Conditions of Use of the site without any prior notification.