Indian Weaving Industry is one of the most important components of the Indian Economy. It is responsible for taking our rich Indian Heritage and Tradition from one generation to another. Indian Artisans have exemplary skills, which not only need to be appreciated but they also deserve to be showcased to a much larger audience on a platform meant for them. It will give this audience the opportunity to figure out the artwork in detail and get a feel of the product, which is not available on a single platform.

The other important reason why we took this initiative was that we were beginning to slowly lose the traditional handloom of India due to variety of factors. It may have resulted in this skill not getting passed to the generation next as it was assuming the theory of diminishing returns. We realized that we have to prevent this from happening and we have to encourage the next generation of Weavers to come into this traditional handloom work. This can be achieved by making it financially rewarding by giving them this platform, which will make their volume growth sustainable and in turn would be a great financial help for them right from the start.

ESRA has created a niche platform for the weavers across India to showcase their talent and regional traditional art in hand woven, hand made and hand crafted products.

During our interactions with the artisans while we were purchasing Benarsi fabrics for in-house use, we realized the need for them to have a platform to demonstrate their extraordinary skills. This thought eventually led us to this platform for Indian Ethnic Wear and hence, “ESRA – Ethnic Elegance” came into existence.

With this initiative, Indian artisans especially can now channelize their focus and energies in manufacturing of various handlooms of India so that people appreciate and respect the time, effort and skill that goes in to making a single piece of handloom.

Each Handloom product takes anywhere between 15 days to 9 months to weave depending upon the fabric, pattern, technique and complexity involved. Indian weavers are also evolving their techniques over the period of time to compete in the market.

Handlooms are a niche area and we respect the weavers and believe in giving them their due share. Through ESRA the weaver a complete and satisfactory return for his hard skill, work, time and effort

ESRA procures both, handloom and power loom (using handloom technology) products, as there are times when the artisans showcase some of their skills and art on power loom driven by handloom technology when time is of essence in terms of deliverables.

Lets appreciate and respect the hands that weave and lets not compare their hard work with great deals and discounts available elsewhere by giving them their due share.

Why Esra

To encourage and sustain the traditional work of India from various parts of India, ESRA is a platform for the Indian artisans to showcase their work of art and skill before you and ESRA in return helps them with their survival and livelihood by buying upfront.

The teams from ESRA go to every nook and corner of the country to find the real gems for you. These artisans have been working on both handloom and power loom (using handloom technology) to meet the demand of the growing needs.

We select a particular theme every year, source products, invest in them upfront and promote the work of Indian artisans in the metro cities - PAN India giving them a chance to make a decent living! We make sure our artisans are uplifted and survive the highly competitive market of Indian fashion.

The theme selected for the year 2018-2019 is Benaras. For centuries Benaras was a hub for the silk trade. You will get to see a variety of beautiful Sarees, Lehengas, Stoles, Dupattas, Suit Fabrics (in various cloth materials / fabrics of Katan Silk, Satin Silk, Silk Georgette, Dupen Silk etc) made on handloom with different well crafted and intricate patterns and techniques such as Kadhua, Jangla, Tanchoi, Cutwork, Butidar, Zari etc

However, the one ritual, which differentiates us from the rest of the world, is the way we celebrate our wedding functions and festivals. For such auspicious occasions the artisans can come up with innovations and customization for the entire clan, which will make these occasions memorable.